The Best Arctic Grayling Fishery in the World

About a 15 minute boat ride north of the Lodge lies the mouth of the Wolf River. Described as “the Best Natural Grayling fishery in the World”, the river defies any other description, and really must be experienced in person to be believed. After spending the winter in the shallows of the lakes, the Grayling return in late June to the well oxygenated waters of the river. Here they spawn, feed and hide from the predatory Lake Trout. The conditions the river provides are perfect for Grayling, and the results are evident. These fish average 1.5-2.5 lbs, but we see specimens approaching world record size, in the 4.0 to 4.5 lb range. Though they are small in stature, these fish make up for it in their fight.

The Wolf River spans 80 km and feeds Teslin Lake. We fish the first half mile of the river, mainly because we have no need to travel any further down. The mouth of the river is the perfect spot to fish with an ultralight rod and small Mepps lure or jig, catching Arctic Grayling with nearly every cast. Using the waders provided at the lodge, fishermen get a first hand look at the habitat of the Grayling, and enjoy hunting out the next one in hopes that it will be larger than the last.

Conditions for fly fishing couldn’t be more perfect. Wolf River is the perfect place to learn to fly fish because it is wide and easily wadable. Accomplished fly fishermen also enjoy the river and take advantage of the abundance of fish to try new flies and hone their skills. The Arctic Grayling numbers caught can exceed 100 fish per day for some anglers.

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