If You'll Need it, We Have it.

We provide well maintained Crestliner boats on Wolf Lake, with fuel efficient Honda motors. Boats are equipped with PFD’s, paddles, padded swivel seats, fish finders, rod holders, cradles, fishing tackle and rods. Boats are all cleaned and fueled daily and made available to our guests 24 hours a day. We have near 24 hours a day light in June and July, and want you to have every opportunity to make the most of it!

All the conventional tackle your group will need is at the lodge. We supply quality open faced reels, rods and tried and true lures for your use. Guests are of course welcome to bring their own equipment, but for Corporate travel, or the first time fisherman, we have excellent equipment for your use.

For groups interested in the fly fishing opportunities, we do have a limited supply of fly gear and waders at the lodge for guest use.