Wolf Lake, Wolf River, and May Lake Fly Chart

Which bug to fly?
Bugs to fly
Chironomid LarvaBrassie, V-rib Chironomid, Super Chironomid, Blood Worm, Cracklin Chironomid
Chironomid PupaMidge Pupa, Para-Nymph, RS2, Palimino Midge, Disco Midge, Bead Heads
Chironomid AdultGriffith’s Knat, Midge Biot, CDC Midge Adult, Mosquito, Black Knat
Mayfly NymphC.B. Micro, Ap’s, Zug Bug, Prince, Hare’s Ear, Theo’s Shaggy, Possie, Bead Heads
Mayfly AdultParachute, CDC Biot Comparadun, Adam’s, Blue Winged Olive, Cahill, Realistica
Damselfly NymphWhitlock’s Damsel, Barr’s Damsel Nymph, A.K.’s Swimming Damsel
Damselfly AdultBurk’s Adult Damsel, Barr’s Damsel, various others
Dragonfly NymphKaufmann’s Lake Dragon, Whitlock’s Dragon, Gierach’s Dragon
Caddis Fly LarvaStalcup’s Caddis Larva, Cased Caddis, Peeking Caddis, Nori’s Swimming Caddis
Caddis Fly PupaLafontainne’s Deep Sparkle Pupa, Thad’s Dream
Caddis Fly AdultElk Hair Caddis, Tom Thumb, Humpy, Stimulators, Emergent Sparkle Pupa