Full service angling for trophy Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling and Northern Pike


Photography workshop
Photography opportunities abound at Wolf Lake. We are in the process of making plans for a professionally-guided workshop in 2018. Information will be posted if and when plans are finalized.

Watch here for updates and news from Wolf Lake Lodge. If you are interested in updates seen here, please contact us for more details or to ask your questions.

2018 dates

June 13-17: 4 days/nights
June 17-23: 6 days/nights
June 23-27: 4 days/nights
June 27-July 4: 8 days/nights
(limited availability)
July 4-8: 4 days/nights
July 8-14: BOOKED

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Your Wolf Lake adventure begins with the flight into the lodge. Five minutes after take off from Whitehorse you’re submersed in untouched wilderness. Over several mountain ranges and river valleys, there is so much to see you’ll forget to take photos.

Stunning snow capped mountains, fast flowing rivers, alpine lakes, and if you are very lucky, wildlife. During the summer months, caribou and sheep migrate to the high altitudes to escape their predators, but look carefully, they are hard to spot!

After about an hour in the air, Wolf Lake comes into view...